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A Trial version of Exact Change is available for both the Windows and Macintosh editions of Exact Change.

You can take Exact Change for a test drive and see first hand how it can help you organize your collection with features and functionality that coin collecting software has never before offered.

Installing the trial version is a very simple process.  Just click on the appropriate link below to download the program.  Run this program to install the demo.  A window like the one at right will prompt you to select a location where you'd like to install the trial program.

After you install the trial version, an Exact Change Icon will appear in your windows start menu if you've installed the Windows edition or in your Applications folder if you've installed the Macintosh edition.

So what's in the trial version?
The trial version allows you to explore most of the program but does have a few changes from the registered version.  While Exact Change includes over 70,000 images, that would make an enormous download; therefore the demo uses the same image to represent each coin type.  The trial version is limited to 30 coin entries but does not have any time limit, so you can evaluate it for as long as you'd like before reaching the inevitable conclusion that Exact Change is the right tool for managing your collection.


Click here to download the Windows edition trial of Exact Change
File Name: ExactChangeDemoSetup.exe
File Size: 22MB




Click here to download the Macintosh edition trial of Exact Change

File Name: ExactChangeMacTrial.zip

We would encourage you to take a look at the manual and on-line video so that you don't inadvertently overlook any of Exact Change's features


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