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  The links below can be used to download Exact Change, whether you're just looking to take the program for a test drive or you want to install the full licensed program.

You can take Exact Change for a test drive and see first hand how it can help you organize your collection with features and functionality that coin collecting software has never before offered.

Installing the program is a very simple process.  Just click on the appropriate link below to download the program.  Run this program to install the demo.  After you install the trial version, an Exact Change Icon will appear in your windows start menu if you've installed the Windows edition, or in your Applications folder if you've installed the Macintosh edition.

A window like the one at right will appear when you run the program; just click on "Continue in trial mode" to take Exact Change for a test drive. Or, if you already have an Exact Change license, you can enter it in that window to activate the full program without trial mode restrictions. If you try out the program and then place an order, you'll receive a license code which you can enter into that window to fully activate the program; you don't need to uninstall the demo and install a different program.

In addition to downloading the demo program, we encourage you to download the user manual.

So what's in the trial version?
The trial version allows you to explore most of the program but does have a few changes from the registered version.  While Exact Change includes over 85,000 images, that could make an enormous download; therefore the demo uses the same sample images to represent each coin type.  The trial version is limited to 30 coin entries but does not have any time limit, so you can evaluate it for as long as you'd like before reaching the inevitable conclusion that Exact Change is the right tool for managing your collection.



Click here to download the Windows edition of Exact Change
File Name: ExactChangeWindowsSetup.exe

Click here to download the Mac edition of Exact Change
File Name: ExactChangeMacSetup.zip


There are many antivirus and firewall programs available and some are overly zealous in blocking apps from small developers.  Coin inventory software is a relatively small niche, and many antivirus vendors require exorbitant annual fees to be recognized on their default white list.  To minimize the cost of Exact Change, and to adhere to our policy on "no annual or recurring fees", we do not subscribe to any such programs.  For this reason, you may need to configure your firewall program so that Exact Change can access the files it needs and communicate with our web server for program updates. Below are some particular examples...


Firewall and anti-virus Notes:


Microsoft Edge (Web browser)

Microsoft Defender (Windows default antivirus)



Exact Change is provided directly from the Wild Man Software web sever rather than through the Apple iStore.  Because Apple promotes the iStore as the sole distributor for all Mac software, the operating system will display a message whenever you run a program that didn't come from the iStore:

The solution is to just hold down the Control (CTRL) key as you click on the icon to launch to installation program.  The operating system will then display a slightly different message which gives you the option of proceeding:

Just click on the "Open" button to proceed with the installation process.


Microsoft Edge (web browser)

When you download the installation program using edge, you may see a message like this:


If you place your mouse cursor over that message, it will display two icons, a trash can and an ellipsis


Click on the ellipsis and a menu will appear like this:


Click on the "Keep" menu option and Edge will then display the window below which again asks you if you'd like to keep the file:


Click on the "Keep anyway" option and Edge will finally give you the option of opening the file...



Microsoft Defender (Windows default antivirus)

If, after installing Exact Change, you're missing the price lists or the list of available reports is blank, then this section applies to you.

Starting with Windows 10 build 16232, Microsoft Defender includes a a function called "Controlled Folder Access" which prevents any program not graced with Microsoft's blessing from accessing certain directories, most notably the Documents directory where Exact Chang stores data such as price lists and report templates.  This limitation can effect both the installation program (the program you run to install Exact Change) as well as the Exact Change program itself.

We recommend turning Controlled Folder Access off temporarily in order to run the Exact Change installation program.  Afterwards, you can either leave it off, or you may choose to turn it back on and add the Exact Change program to Defender's list of allowed programs.


 1st   Open Windows Security settings Settings Click to open Windows Security settings  

  Click on the Virus & threat protection icon

  Under Ransomeware protection, click on the link that says Manage ransomware protection

  Click and slide the switch under Controled Folder Access to turn it off.

  Run the installation program to install Exact Change. 

If you have not already downloaded the program, you can get it at www.ExactChange.Info/ExactChangeWindowsSetup.exe 


 6th   You can simply leave folder access control turned off, or you can flip the switch (from step 4) to turn it back on. 

If you turn Folder Access Control back on, you may need to add the Exact Change program to Defender's "White list" of authorized programs, You can do this by clicking on the link below the switch which says "Allow an app through Controlled folder access".  Note that this link is visible only when the witch is in the "On" position.

You could actually just add the install program to the list of allowed programs rather than turning Folder Access Control off while you run the installation program.






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