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Exact Change includes several tools for searching and sorting your collection.  At right is the search and track window with which you can designate advanced search criteria.  Each coin that meets this criteria will be flagged and you can then view each of these coins or print reports that include just these coins.

If you have a favorite series, such as Morgan Dollars, you can easily designate it as a "Favorite Series".  Henceforth, you can jump right to that series by clicking on a menu item at the top of the screen.  Any number of series can be designated as favorites.

The "Find text" function will search through each coin for a given word or phrase in the coin's title, description or notes. 

The Report Bin is a list of coins that you want to include in reports.  Any coin can be added to or removed from the bin at any time.  This allows you to pick out just certain coins for a report.  For example, you may wish to print 2x2 inserts for just the coins you recently acquired.

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