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Hi Guys,

Firstly let me just say great software. Really help sort out what you do and don't have... among other things :)

My question is though, are price lists available for countires other than the US.

I'm starting with Australian coins, I am an Aussie after all, and was just wondering if and or how to get price data for my australian pre-decimals.


Atomic J:
For price lists I recommend buying the World Coin Catalogs on DVD.  It's the most common reference for world coins here in the states and the eBooks feature in the exact change software works great with these.

I bought my copy from wildman a few years back.  They have the 2010 edition on sale now (they really don't change that much year to year).

Good luck with those pre-decimals!

I have the DVD's. Is there a way to upload the price list to the program or is it only a manual input?


Wild Man:
You can use the DVD’s with the eBook feature; there’s more info about that one the Exact Change web site at  (Feel free to call or email us if you need further assistance with setting that up).  We’ve been in discussion with Krause about an arrangement wherein their database would be made available in a format that Exact Change could pull into the Pricing tab.  We’ll have more info about that as those discussions progress.

I have the new 2013 std cat of world coins on dvd. It is the 7th edition.  Do you have an ebook link for it. Didn't see it on the website.



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