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Mac Version - Issues
« on: October 26, 2019, 03:00:02 PM »
I have been using Mac v5.2.1.45 for a couple of months. Two issues for you to be aware of. I believe you are working on migrating to a new tech stack, so it may not be worth trying to track these down.

First issue is that in moving from version to the grades I had assigned to very many of my coins changed (e.g. VG-8 often changed to FR-2). Thankfully I had exported my collection list report to PDF earlier in the year, so I have been going through my collection coin by coin checking old grade against the new. Slow process, but also giving me the opportunity to clean up some entries I had somehow gotten in the wrong categories.

Second issue has to do with the User.ECP file. When modifying a coin in a user defined series, Exact Change will sometimes, not always, get the beach ball of death. Not sure what the exact combination of circumstances are. My speculation is that Exact Change gets in some kind of loop on some of these user defined series, and repeatedly creates new pricing records for the same coin. In my coin review above, I did run into one coin in a user defined series that had dozens of pricing records for the same coin/date/variety, and I was able to delete all of the extra entries. Due to this issue, I had with the previous version been saving a copy of the User.ECP file with the date appended to the file name after each successful session. I had not been doing this with the new version. For comparison, in March 2019, my User.ECP file was 337KB, and after today's runaway it is at 12.5MB. I don't suppose you have a tool that could allow me to edit the User.ECP file? Exact Change seems to still be useable with this large User.ECP file, so not urgent to get a fix, but perhaps helpful info for your tech migration. I'll just go back to my previous process of frequently saving a copy of this file.

Thank you so much for your efforts and good luck on your migration!