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1.  Australia:
2.  Tuvalu:
3.  Tuvalu:
4.  Tuvalu:
5.  Canada:
6.  Canada:

Wild Man:
Canada, Australia, Tuvalu and Niue are the four toughest countries to keep up with because they issue so many new types and, generally, in minute mintages.  Therefore, this is an ongoing challenge; this last weekend’s image library update just added hundreds of images for Canada and Australia (all of the images currently included for Niue are new as of that update).  If you have these coins and a flatbed scanner, and you’re willing to send us a scan of each side, we’ll certainly add it to the database right away.  Of course, you can add the series to your database yourself, but if you send an image, we can add it to the image library so that everyone who is interested can get that addition.

Email sent with images.

Wild Man:
Thank you for sending the images; they look great.  I will get them added to the database today and I’ll follow up with a post as soon as that’s done.

Wild Man:
The databases for Australia, Niue and Tuvalu have been updated and the new images have been added to the image library.  If you download the price lists for any or all of these countries, that will make the new coin types available.  You’ll need to add these coin types to your collection before you’ll see them in Exact Change.  If you have Auto Updates turned on, the program will automatically ask you if you’d like to add the new types.  If you have that option turned off, you can update any country by right-clicking on the country in the series editor and selecting “Update this series” from the menu that pops up.

I didn’t update Canada yet because the three dollar coin falls below the minimum image size so our server would automatically kick it out (the $3 coin is smaller in diameter than the 1 ounce coins, so it fell below 900x900 pixels while the larger coins resulted in images over that size.  Could I trouble you to rescan that image at twice that resolution?


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