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Exact Change now includes the island of Niue


Wild Man:
The Island of Niue is a prolific issuer of new coinage designs from government and private mints around the world.  With a population of less that 1600, the number of distinct coin designs means that every Niuean could have a Niue coin in their possession without any two having the same design. This makes it very difficult to keep up with the coinage of Niue, but we've built an extensive representation of these coins.  Of course, if you happen to have a coin from Niue that we've not yet included, we'd really like to hear from you.  To add Niue to your collection, download the price list for this database.  Doing so will cause "Niue" to appear as a new option under "Oceania" in the program's "Add Countries" menu.

Perfect timing as I was just looking for this country and not able to find it...Thanks!

I cannot locate these: 


Wild Man:
Canada, Australia, Tuvalu and Niue are the four toughest countries to keep up with because they issue so many new types and, generally, in minute mintages.  Therefore, this is an ongoing challenge; this last weekend’s image library update just added hundreds of images for Canada and Australia (all of the images currently included for Niue are new as of that update).  If you have these coins and a flatbed scanner, and you’re willing to send us a scan of each side, we’ll certainly add it to the database right away.  Of course, you can add the series to your database yourself, but if you send an image, we can add it to the image library so that everyone who is interested can get that addition.


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