Author Topic: Adding option to select/price US Key Date Coins at lower Grade of only AG  (Read 671 times)

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When adding a US Coin the selection options start with a minimum grade of Good, and that makes total sense for almost everything. However, there are some key date coins where it would be nice if the grade option and pricing values included a lower grade of "Almost Good."  Example is a 1916 D Mercury Dime where current select/pricing program options start at a Good valued at $1,100.00.  Many of us may own this coin in a grade of AG that is still quite valuable.

Your software is flexible enough for me to create work-arounds in commenting a lower grade and manually setting the value, but I don't like customizing the pricing sheet because downloading a new pricing sheet removes prior changes. I acknowledge your problem of having a pricing sheet for all US Coins that start at grade AG, but maybe all coins at grade AG could automatically default to face value except for key date coins/varieties.  Just a thought.