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German notgeld database
« on: November 22, 2016, 06:40:19 PM »
Wild Man Software is pleased to announce the addition of a comprehensive database of German Municipal Notgeld ("Emergency Money") tokens.  Thousands of designs were issued by cities across Germany in the final years of the First World War and into the 1920's.   Until now, there has been very little reference material for identifying and cataloging these items available to anyone not fluent in German.

Mark Whitmore and Webb Garlinghouse have both generously provided us with a large number of images to accompany the Notgeld database.  In order to make this the most complete reference available, we're asking anyone with access to an unimaged notgeld token to consider scanning an image of each side and sending them to us for inclusion in the image library.  Even if you're unable to identify what you have; we will work to properly identify it and provide you with that information.  If you're not familiar with German notgeld, most were issued between 1917 and 1923 and the majority where stuck in zinc or iron, or cast in porcelain, with a smaller number stuck in aluminum and a very few struck in other metals.  Often (certainly not always) a notgeld token will display the word "Stadt" (meaning "City"). 

To add German notgeld to your collection, you'll need to first download the latest program update which, as always, is available at no charge to Exact Change users.  We had previously added a limited selection of notgeld tokens under "Germany" but this new database appears as a separate county, much as "German States" is listed as a separate country from "Germany".  This enables you to add just the coins that interest you.  If you have the selection of notgeld coins listed within Germany, you'll probably want to delete those series as the newer, more comprehensive database supersedes that.