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« on: October 11, 2014, 06:03:48 PM »
I have a bunch of tokens from various towns in Maine that would be nice to put in under a series of your own where it would let you just add information even without the date or value or add a date if you have one.  Something like scanning the WILDMAN token and having that as one.  It's seems on the same line as scanning your own coins so you don't have to get the books out of your safe etc to look at them.  Maybe it can already be done but haven't found a way yet....   This is by far the best coin software I have ever used.  Thanks Wildman...

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Re: Tokens
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Thanks.  I think what you want to do is add a new series.  Just right click on whichever series you want to add the new series under.  For example, if you wanted to create a new series named “Tokens” under “United States” then you’d just right-click on “United states” and select “Add a new series”.  You can enter whatever information you’d like but the name for the new series is all that’s required.  If the new series doesn’t show up exactly where you want it, you can move it wherever you’d like it to go by holding down the Shift key as you drag it and drop it at the right spot (you can move any series that same way).

Once you’ve created a series, you’ll need to add at least one column to the price list for that series.  In the case of tokens, many may not have a date.  That’s OK, you don’t have to specify a date in the price list; it’s a good idea to enter a date or something as a variety but you can add just a completely blank price list column if you wanted.  You may want to make a price list column for brass tokens, copper-nickel tokens and so forth; you can choose any way you’d like to designate different types of tokens.  In my own collection, I created a “Tokens” series and added four columns to the price list.  In the “Variety” row, these price list entries say “Store card”, “Patriotic”, “Religious” and “Other”.  So, when I go to the Coins page to enter a token, the “Year/Mint/Variety” box lists those four choices.  In the attached image you can see a chunk of the Prices page showing how I set mine up.  The inset highlighted in red shows the “Year/Mint/Variety” box on the coins page as it shows these price list options.

If you right-click on the series you created, you can specify series images to represent that new series. Once you create a series, it behaves identically to any of the pre-defined series; it doesn’t really matter if a series was created by us or you.  Exact Change has a huge database so that you can add a country without having to enter a bunch of data but it’s designed so that you can customize it.

If you have questions about this, please feel free to call us at (707)987-4499.  We’re always happy to chat.


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Re: Tokens
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Can't ask for anything more........ That worked perfect.....  Was explained in the PDF file but went right over my head the first time...