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Entering large collections, any tips and tricks
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:23:54 PM »

I'm new to exact change and I am currious, how everyone is entering large collections. For instance, I have 2 or 3 hundred Jefferson Nickels (not to mention the thousands of old wheat pennys), do I just enter in the best examples of a year and mint mark or all of them.  For coins I do not have a complete collection, is their an easy way to to list needed coins (without having to enter them one at a time. Is there a way to list set or collection?  I have a BU set of Jefferson nickels and another set of circulated and uncirculated.  So far the only way I have figured out to do this is to put something in the location field (like "Set BU Jefferson Nickels"). As I have only been using the program for a few days, just trying to see what tips and tricks I am missing. I will be checking the forum everday, hope to have some interesting discussions

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Re: Entering large collections, any tips and tricks
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2013, 03:59:25 AM »
   You’ll probably want to list all the coins in your collection just so that you can get a good assessment of what you’ve got.  Especially if that happens to include silver, regardless of its condition, as it will still add to the calculation of total precious metals.  Personally, I enter slabbed coins individually but when I’m entering a box of worn wheat cents or some such thing I’ll make a single entry for the entire box and simply note how many there are in the quantity field.  Attaching images is much the same, you may want to include an image of your prized possessions but it doesn’t make sense to scan every coin.

   As far as entering sets, it’s much the same.  If you have a set that’s all slabbed, you’ll probably want to list each coin as a separate item.  That way, you can easily tell if you’re interested when the opportunity to upgrade is presented.  If you’re talking about something like a Whitman album, you could enter that as a single item.  Personally, what I’d do is select the Jefferson nickel series and then click on the “Prices” tab.  At the bottom is a button that says “Add”.  Click on that button and a new column will appear in the price list.  Click on that column to fill in the information.  You can leave the “Year” blank and just put something like “Set 1938-2003“in the Variety space.  Then, when you click on the coins page, the “Year, Mint & Variety” drop-down box will offer a choice that says “Set 1938-2003” in addition to all the specific year and mint combinations.

   Another tool that you may fine helpful is the “Populate” button on the “Prices” tab.  What it does is it will add an entry to your collection for every Year/Mint/Variety combination within the currently selected series, each with a quantity of zero.  Then, you can enter a bunch of coins on the coins page by just increasing the quantity each time you add a coin.  It’s kind of like album collecting; there’s a spot for each coin and you just mark it when you add that coin.

   The clone tool is also handy for rapid entry.  I bought a bunch of Jamestown 400th Dollars when they were released in 2007 and had them all slabbed (if someone wants a deal on one, write me).  I wanted to enter them as separate entries even though they’re identical and the cost was the same for each so I entered all the data for the first one and then just hit the clone button a bunch of times.