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The Tubbs fire, which burned  36,432 acres is now 92% contained and this evening we got some much-needed rain.  A week ago we loaded the entire office in preparation for evacuation as the flames were visible from our doorway and the Sheriff issued an advisory evacuation.  We're once again set up and we'll be posting a series of database, price list and program updates over the next few days.
Technical support / Re: notes/questions about Mac version of Exact Change
« Last post by bigzmey on October 17, 2017, 08:15:24 PM »
Thank you for informative reply ! It certainly brought some clarity.
Regarding checkbox issue - I recorded a screen session which demonstrates this issue, I can send it to e-mail you provided, but file size is 166M - is it all right to send it as attachment ?

Regarding default values for custom field.
Say, I'd like to add a new field to existing collection - text box and picked list - called "Edge", which would have values "plain", "ridged", or "patterned". Normally, once added it would be blank for all existing entries, so I'd have to go to each entry and set it. I'd like to have an opportunity to make it by default "plain" for all entries, that I only have to change it for selected once, and not to go through all of them.

You clarify most of my concerns about updated series, however, how would it work in this case: for some of the coins I noted that material is not correct, so I changed it (I think it was from Nickel/Brass to Nickel/Steel, but it doesn't matter). When/if this series get updated, considering it would still be Nickel/Brass in update - would my change be lost ?

Thank you,
Technical support / Re: notes/questions about Mac version of Exact Change
« Last post by Wild Man on October 16, 2017, 06:27:38 PM »
   Thanks for your feedback and your questions.  Weíre working on porting the Mac edition to the Apple Xcode platform which should provide greater stability as well as opening the door to possibly listing it on the Apple App Store.  This requires a change of language so itís quite a process and our local Apple store apparently burned in the fire this week so there are some hold-ups there.

   Iíve played with the checkbox and Iím not seeing the issue you raised, can I ask you to send a screen shot to WildMan@ExactChange.Info?  Perhaps Iím doing something differently or misunderstanding that question.   Please tell me more and Iíll really dig into this before we release the update thatís ready.

   The reusing of deleted item numbers is an option that you can turn on or off.  In the ďExact ChangeĒ menu, under ďPreferencesĒ is a menu option labeled ďReuse deleted item numbersĒ.  Click on this menu option to check it.

   The predefined fields are really just the most basic fields; our philosophy has been to ask just what basic the program needs to know and then enable you to add additional fields.  Some programs ask millions of predefined things like insurance info (like each coin would have a different insurance policy number?) Anyway, the placement of those fields is an automated process; itís a question of balancing customizability (where you dictate where the fields go) verses ease of use.  Also, if youíre running the program in a maximized window, the placement of those fields may be different that if you run in a non-maximized window.  Having the program position the fields seems like better way to go, though itís something weíre always looking at and Iím completely open to everyoneís thoughts on that.

   Iím not clear about your question regarding defaults for custom fields.  The ďText box and pick listĒ field type does provide a space to enter default values but Iím guessing that thatís not what youíre asking.  Can you expand on that?

   If you change the name of a series, the update will not change it back.  The program tracks various coin types by series number, so the name can be changed at will without affecting anything.  Coin series that you create are similarly unaffected.  The prices for custom made series are stored in the price list USER.ECP; even if the series is under, say, the United States, that series prices go into the user price list.  So, downloading a new price list for U.S. coins wonít overwrite the price lists for your custom series regardless of where those series are placed.

   Well, I hope that answers at least some of your questions; letís talk more about those on which I need some clarification yet.
Technical support / notes/questions about Mac version of Exact Change
« Last post by bigzmey on October 16, 2017, 02:11:44 PM »
After using Exact Change (Mac OS for about a month, I can say that I am satisfied with my purchase, but I have  a few notes :

Bugs :
 - Application hangs about 10% of the time in Series -> Coins tab, after one tries to enter an entry, then undo. Canít say exactly what conditions are, itís pretty random, happen to me under mild load, high load. Need to kill it as a result, after that it starts normally. It hang while I was writing this post :)
 - Custom-defined checkboxes from Exact Change -> User defined data fields, does not work : one can define it just fine, but after check-marking it, it doesnít get saved. Very easy to reproduce, happens all the time when I triy it.

Inconveniences :
 - After entering a new coin in series, saving it, then removing it, item number does not get re-used. Not a problem per say, but after doing a few mistakes total number of entries in my collection is not at all matches with last item number.
 - Each collection file has its own item numbering. Iíd very much like to separate collection files for myself and my son, but still maintain overall numbering;
 - Related to the above: Iíd like to create two folders in collection files, and populate each with different set of countries. Thus separating two relatively independent, but commonly tracked collection. Just to be clear, my son is collecting coins with Elizabeth II portrait from different countries, Iím collecting coins from former Soviet Union, set of countries for each I completely distinct. I didnít find a way to organize for this scenario.
 - It would be nice to be able to edit/remove not just custom fields in Series -> Coins screen, but pre-defined as well. And/or be able to re-arrange them on the screen in desired order.
 - When new custom field is defined for already existing collection, it would be nice to define a default of some kind, that all the series got it, and then modify it in selected places. Right now, to have it everywhere Iíd need to go over all coins, and set it there. Itís a bit tedious even for 100 entries I already have there.

Questions :
 - I updated a few pre-existing series, changing names, and correcting some mistakes. I wonder, what would happen when/if series I modified gets update with software update? In particular, if I change its name ?
 - I added a few new coin series which were not there before. What happen when theyíd be added with software update ?

Thank you,
Technical support / Re: banned from using forum on registration ?
« Last post by bigzmey on October 16, 2017, 08:04:47 AM »
You must be right, it seems working now after I performed some mild cleanup.

Thanks !
Technical support / Re: Invalid Property Value Error When Opening Database
« Last post by Wild Man on October 12, 2017, 08:30:00 AM »
If you send me a copy of your file at WildMan@ExactChange.Info, I will test it to see if thereís an issue with the file itself (the other possibility is that there could be an issue with one of the price files thatís used but your collection).  Or, you can look in \Documents\Exact Change\Backups and there you will see copies of each of the last five times you saved your collection file.  If a collection file ever gets corrupted or any such thing, you can easily revert to any of these previous copies of your data file.
Technical support / Invalid Property Value Error When Opening Database
« Last post by enzeno on October 12, 2017, 08:02:43 AM »
I am now getting an error when I am trying to open my database.  Yesterday I saved it and closed Exact Change, but today when opening it I can this error and the program locks up.  I have to use Task Manager to kill the program.  I am able to create a new database.  Disconcerting because I have put hours and hours and hours into this database so far.

Please let me know how to fix this.

Technical support / Re: Customizing Central Location for PRICE Data Files
« Last post by enzeno on October 12, 2017, 07:34:03 AM »
This is great news, thanks!  Looking forward to trying it.
Development and feedback / Wild Man Software Office closed due to wildfires
« Last post by Wild Man on October 12, 2017, 03:42:12 AM »
The Tubbs fire south of us has been moving north and flames are now visible from our office.  We are in the process of shutting down and loading equipment in case it becomes necessary to evacuate.  Because of this, our office will be closed today and may remain closed for some days if we do need to leave.  Weíll post more information here as we can. 
Technical support / Re: Customizing Central Location for PRICE Data Files
« Last post by Wild Man on October 11, 2017, 02:36:14 AM »
Weíre just about done with this change now; it will be in the forthcoming program update for both the Windows and Macintosh editions.  An INI (configuration) file can now be used to relocate any one of the directories used by Exact Change (Folder images, eBooks, Prices, Countries, Backups and Utilities).   Below is an example of the INI file used for this purpose.  Itís my hope that this is reasonably clear to technically savvy users who are the ones most likely to have need for this functionality.  Most of the stock INI file is just comments, handy instructions for anyone making changes to the file.  For most users, this whole feature can simply be ignored. 

; This ini file is used to change the location of directories used by Exact Change.
; To reroute a directory, specify the full path to the DIRECTORY THAT HOLDS the rerouted directory

; This will cause the images to load from C:\MyPictures\Folder Images\Folder Images

; Leave a line blank, erase it, or comment it out with a semicolon if you want to use the default directory.

Folder Images =
;Windows default is \Program Files\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change

Ebooks =
;Windows default is \Documents\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change

Prices =
;Windows default is \Documents\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change

Countries =
;Windows default is \Program Files\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change

Backups =
;Windows default is \Documents\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change

Reports =
;Windows default is \Documents\Exact Change
;Macintosh default is /Library/Application Support/Exact Change
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