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U.S. coin collecting / Re: Newest coins - why no way to enter?
« Last post by whitesa52 on November 03, 2018, 05:24:48 PM »
I've read other messages in this thread.  I collect U.S. circulated to MS coins and can still not find any way to enter coins post 2016.  I have updated everything I can find to update.  What am I missing?  Did we stop minting coins in 2017 and 2018?
Technical support / Re: moving library to new computer
« Last post by bigzmey on September 25, 2018, 08:45:47 AM »
Let me rephrase my question: when I create a new series for a coin, which is not in the common database currently, and adding Price information for it  - where this Price information is being saved, which file and location? It is *NOT* in ECD file for collection, it is somewhere else.

I'm talking about OS X version

Thank you,
Technical support / Re: moving library to new computer
« Last post by bigzmey on September 24, 2018, 03:05:06 PM »
Can anyone answer my question? Can I copy old data from old computer to one without loosing anything?

Thank you,
Technical support / moving library to new computer
« Last post by bigzmey on September 19, 2018, 07:09:23 PM »
I'm moving my coin library to new computer (OS X): I copied "Document/Exact Change" folder to new computer, and app opened it fine, however all "Pricing" data for series/coins I entered myself are gone.

Did I missed anything?

World coin collecting / New Exact Change YouTube Channel
« Last post by Wild Man on June 04, 2018, 12:59:18 PM »
We’ve just set up a YouTube channel to stream Exact Change videos and we started it off with a fun little video about the cold war and it’s affect on coinage.   Please take a look and be sure to give it a thumbs up in order to help us really launch this new channel.
Coinage of the Cold War:
Technical support / Re: Mac High Sierra Version - Possible Problem
« Last post by Wild Man on May 28, 2018, 09:26:11 PM »

I have a solution to send to you, but I can't seem to find an email related to this so I'm not sure who to send the file to.  Please drop me an email and I'll send that right off.
Technical support / Re: Mac High Sierra Version - Possible Problem
« Last post by Wild Man on May 23, 2018, 09:13:22 PM »
Hi, can you send me a copy of the user.ecp file?  A collection file with the user-defined series included would also help.  If you attach them to an email and send it to, I will look into it.
Technical support / Mac High Sierra Version - Possible Problem
« Last post by glaguna on May 23, 2018, 03:06:25 PM »
I am using version on Mac OS High Sierra and have run into a potential problem.

I have on several occasions gotten the spinning beach ball when adding coins to a user defined series. I would be able to add a coin to the series pricing window, but switch to the Coins view and trying to add a coin I would get the beach ball. I would usually wait a few minutes then force quit. I would then go back to the next to last save and redo my entries, usually without additional incident for a while.

Most recently when this happened, I decided to allow exact change to run on, and surprisingly it came back after 10-15 minutes, and things seemed ok for a while.

Today, adding a new entry to the series I got the beach ball when switching from Pricing to Coins view, but exactChange came back in just a few minutes. However, when I went to add a coin using the Coins view, I noticed the "Year, Mint & Variety" selector had over 150 entries. There are only 26 entries in the pricing view. The 150+ options in the selector contains many dups, all corresponding to the series.

This led me to look at info for my User.ECP file, which is now showing 35MB. A copy I made from a few months ago was only 2MB. I have less than 2K entries in exactChange, so I am thinking the size of this file may be a clue to the problem. Perhaps something like a cross product join in the DB realm.

I'm guessing my User.ECP needs to be cleaned up to remove dups. Any way to do so?

Technical support / Re: Jim Thorpe 2018 Dollar
« Last post by Wild Man on May 12, 2018, 08:02:21 PM »
If you have “Auto add new coin types” turned off (under “Options” in the “File” menu) then that will keep the program from popping up a message about adding any new coin types found in the new price list.  You can right-click on “United States” or “Entire Collection” and choose “Update this series” to add in those new coin types.
Technical support / Jim Thorpe 2018 Dollar
« Last post by heldwhat on May 12, 2018, 05:12:52 PM »
I recently updated my price lists (date on United States.ECP file is 4/7/2018) but when I look in dollars the last dollar series is Sequoyah from 2017.  Am I missing where the 2018 Jim Thorpe Native
American dollar coin is?

Thanks in advance!
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