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Subject says it all - planning on upgrading my Mac to Mojave, but don't want to loose ability to run Exact Change.

Also, considering Mojave is the last macOS which would run 32-bit applications, it's probably time to upgrade Exact Change to 64 bit ....


Technical support / moving library to new computer
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:09:23 PM »
I'm moving my coin library to new computer (OS X): I copied "Document/Exact Change" folder to new computer, and app opened it fine, however all "Pricing" data for series/coins I entered myself are gone.

Did I missed anything?


Technical support / Problem upgrading Mac version
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:08:19 PM »
I tried to upgrade version I had with the new Mac OS version, and apparently it didn't go well: I downloaded new version from the web site, unpackaged and tried to run it goes to the main screen to select the coin file, and when I try to select it crashes. It doesn't let create a new coin file as well.

Is it fixable, or I blowed away my entire collection?

Thank you,

U.S. coin collecting / Commemorative quarters
« on: November 05, 2017, 06:14:30 PM »
I can't find any commemorative quarters of US series, except Isabella quarter (in US Commemorative).
I have a load of 50 States and America the Beautiful commemorative quarters, do I have to enter all of them manually?
I have Mac OS version.


Technical support / notes/questions about Mac version of Exact Change
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:11:44 PM »
After using Exact Change (Mac OS for about a month, I can say that I am satisfied with my purchase, but I have  a few notes :

Bugs :
 - Application hangs about 10% of the time in Series -> Coins tab, after one tries to enter an entry, then undo. Canít say exactly what conditions are, itís pretty random, happen to me under mild load, high load. Need to kill it as a result, after that it starts normally. It hang while I was writing this post :)
 - Custom-defined checkboxes from Exact Change -> User defined data fields, does not work : one can define it just fine, but after check-marking it, it doesnít get saved. Very easy to reproduce, happens all the time when I triy it.

Inconveniences :
 - After entering a new coin in series, saving it, then removing it, item number does not get re-used. Not a problem per say, but after doing a few mistakes total number of entries in my collection is not at all matches with last item number.
 - Each collection file has its own item numbering. Iíd very much like to separate collection files for myself and my son, but still maintain overall numbering;
 - Related to the above: Iíd like to create two folders in collection files, and populate each with different set of countries. Thus separating two relatively independent, but commonly tracked collection. Just to be clear, my son is collecting coins with Elizabeth II portrait from different countries, Iím collecting coins from former Soviet Union, set of countries for each I completely distinct. I didnít find a way to organize for this scenario.
 - It would be nice to be able to edit/remove not just custom fields in Series -> Coins screen, but pre-defined as well. And/or be able to re-arrange them on the screen in desired order.
 - When new custom field is defined for already existing collection, it would be nice to define a default of some kind, that all the series got it, and then modify it in selected places. Right now, to have it everywhere Iíd need to go over all coins, and set it there. Itís a bit tedious even for 100 entries I already have there.

Questions :
 - I updated a few pre-existing series, changing names, and correcting some mistakes. I wonder, what would happen when/if series I modified gets update with software update? In particular, if I change its name ?
 - I added a few new coin series which were not there before. What happen when theyíd be added with software update ?

Thank you,

Technical support / banned from using forum on registration ?
« on: October 07, 2017, 10:21:23 AM »
I was trying to register to use this forum using my normal Gmail account, and after getting through normal form filling, got a message that :

"Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Gmail accounts are not allowed in order to reduce spam.
This ban is not set to expire."

Well, I'm not one to set the rules, of course, I thought, I'll just use different e-mail account.
No way, I was getting same message !

Of course it was easy to get around - I fired VPN, got to "incognito" browser page, and registered using different e-mail.

However, it appears that's a way I now have to interact with forum ! Even though I have a legitimate registration, getting to login page is impossible without VPN, "incognito", etc

Is it possible somehow to let me through without that silly dance ?

Again, I'm NOT questioning the ban on Gmail accounts, I'm questioning - why am I not allowed in, even if I used, on the second attempt, different e-mail ?

Thank you,

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