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Coin Collecting software should be for the study of coins, not the study of software manuals.  It should be a tool that enhances your enjoyment of your collection rather than forcing you through the drudgery of endless data entry.  It should help your collection "Come alive" as it immerses you into a world of imagery and information.  It should instill a feeling that this coin in your hand is a piece of history, not just a chunk of metal to be catalogued.

Exact Change is based on a vision that is far beyond anything that coin collecting software has ever attempted before.  Whether you collect a single type of U.S. coinage, or you collect coins from around the world, Exact Change provides you with the tools you need to accurately track and enjoy your collection.  There are no add-ons or accessories to purchase; Exact Change includes everything you need no mater what type of coins you collect.  We donít track bean-bag dolls or beer cans; we are a group of professional programmers with a life-long commitment to numismatics.


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