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In 2006 Australia Honored Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) on a 50 coin.

ANA member

jANUARY 11th, 2020: There is a minor update for mACINTOSH users
The update addresses some display issues that arose when using the macOS dark theme.

December 20th, 2019: There is a minor update for Windows users
The update adds four new fields to the report editor's coin database which were requested by some users.  The new fields are Has Image, Has obverse image, Has reverse image and Has receipt image.  These are binary (true/false) fields which simply indicate if there is an image or images attached to the coin entry.

December 6th, 2019: There is a new program update available for both Windows and Mac users

There Is a new "Serial number Explorer" tool listed in the "Tools" menu which utilizes BEP production records to determine where and when a U.S. Federal Reserve Note was printed, based on the serial number. It also identifies various fancy serial numbers.  Unlike most world paper money which indicates the year in which a note was actually printed (or even the exact date), The series number on a U.S. Federal Reserve Note indicates when the design was authorized and may vary significantly from when the note was actually printed.

In order to provide more control over the choices that appear in the list of options for the "Graded by" and "Stored in" fields, there was a significant change to the way the list is compiled.  You can now select the options you want to appear in this list and easily eliminate any options you don't want to appear.  Click on "Configure Coin List" in the "Display menu" and then click on the tab labeled "Option lists" to choose the options that you wish to appear in each of these lists.

If you're currently using a 32-bit edition of Exact Change, either for Windows or Macintosh, we'd like to encourage you to upgrade to the 64-bit edition.  There is no charge for Exact Change users to download program updates and your collection data is compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit programs.  If you have any questions about switching to the 64-bit edition,  please let us know and we'll be happy to assist you with that.

There are now over 75,000 images in the Exact Change image library and we're rapidly adding more every day.  We're currently in the process of imaging three entire collections which have each been generously loaned to us, one of which is regarded as the most significant collection in it's area of specialty and another which may easily be a contender in it's own area. 

The program now includes a tool to locate coin types by catalog numbers.  For example, you can now quickly locate the series associated with a given KM number.  This tool is accessed via the "Tools" menu, under the "Find" option.

The Wild Man Software
 Box Of Bling
is now available!

The box includes an impressive two inch Wild Man lapel pin as well as a silver-clad Wildman token (mintage: 100) and the regular copper-clad token, both enclosed in direct-fit coin capsules.

"All of human history has been an inexorable march of progress toward the day when this beautiful masterpiece could come into being."

-Mr. Overstatement

There is now a YouTube Channel for Exact Change videos
On the left side of this page is a link to our new YouTube Channel.  We've started it off with a fun little video about the cold war and its affect on coinage.
Please take a look and be sure to give it a thumbs up in order to help us really launch this new channel.

Wild Man Software has incredible offers on a variety of Krause Publications DVDs

Wild man Software has purchased thousands of DVDs from Krause Publications in order to provide a variety of titles at lower prices than we could find anywhere on the web.  We even managed to come up with a small handful of the  2008 3 DVD sets that sold out in January.  Because quantities of the 3 DVD set are so limited, we're offering them only to new and current Exact Change users.  We also have Krause DVD catalogs for the years 1600 through 2000 as well as other price guilds and we'll have even more titles available in the near future. Silver Fever is a fascinating look at the history of the Carson City Mint and, at less than five bucks, it makes a great gift idea or an ideal addition to your coin show offerings.  Be sure to tell your friends about these great deals; by purchasing in massive quantities we were able to offer you extraordinary savings!



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